Scoliosis refers to a spinal curvature that occurs often during the growth spurt before puberty. Other medical experts would say that this curvature can be caused by conditions like muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy, while others say that there is no known underlying cause of this disease.

Some of the known ways of treating scoliosis include orthopedic practices such as bracing and surgery, although in general, scoliosis as well as these traditional methods of treatment have still not been researched in depth. Alternative treatments outside the known traditional treatments are becoming popular due to the number of people acclaiming the efficacy. These include yoga, physical therapy exercises, and chiropractor Miami.

The following elaborates these three non-traditional treatments to scoliosis:


Yoga is popularly known all around the world as it provides a physical avenue for mediation that also give positive effects to the body and mind.

It is an alternative treatment only if it is done and executed perfectly. Otherwise, other yoga activities can do more harm to you and for certain scoliosis curve patterns and types. It is critically important for your yoga instructor to have a wide background and training of scoliosis as well as an understanding of your specific case. Again, it is critical that you find a professional and well-knowledgeable yoga instructor.

2.Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is very rampant everywhere. However, we do not recommend you to just accept someone’s service offering to treat your scoliosis. Similar to yoga, certain physical activities may cause your spinal cord more harm than good. Although, in general, physical activities are not regarded as effective in treating scoliosis, there are scoliosis-specific exercises, also called SSE’s, that have been gathering evidence of their efficacy in treating scoliosis issues. Most of these SSE techniques are found in Europe; some even say that it is in Europe where these techniques have started. Currently, SSE is now beginning to find its way to other countries in Asia, Australia, America, and others.

3.Scoliosis-Specific Chiropractic

Chiropractic treatment is performed by a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C). This doctor is trained and certified to perform treatments involving adjustment and manipulation of the musculoskeletal system that includes the spine, tendons, muscles, and surrounding joints. The doctor uses a hand or a tool to apply pressure to an affected area including the back and neck.

The traditional chiropractic has had mixed results when it comes to treating scoliosis. Some people claimed that they have been treated by this technique, although this might entail several sessions of treatment.

Currently, more advanced and scoliosis-specific techniques could be more effective in treating this spine problem.

Since the spine is the main focus of this technique and the spine is a very important part of your body, it is also critical that you hire or trust a reputable, knowledgeable, and certified chiropractic instructor. Scoliosis is not a minimal issue that you need to be passive about.

Final Thoughts

While traditional treatments like surgery and bracing have been commonly used by many, you can also try the three non-conventional treatments we provided above, provided that you have access to certified and trained people.